Proven on the global stage

FURiO Premium Lubricants has been proven on the race track in the grueling and globally-acclaimed race in Le Mans, France. FURiO Premium Lubricants sustained the arduous work of the engine which was constantly at high RPM to race non-stop 5,000 kilometers for 367 laps throughout 24 hours.


FURiO Premium Lubricants also underwent the Dyno Test to prove its ability to "protect against wear and tear" and "sustain engine power" as well as look at the "deterioration of the lubricants." The test showed engine power was actually boosted by 8 horsepower, higher than the API SN standard which is the highest standard available today.



The Respoplex Technology harnesses the ability of smart molecules to coat the surface of the metal and protect the various parts of the engine during usage to lessen any wear and tear that may occur.

Another key feature is the strength of the structure of the lubricating film to support continuous engine usage at high temperatures. This results in the lubricants providing a film to successfully coat and protect the engine.


FURiO Products

A specially-designed funnel

is provided with the product to make sure no impurities are mixed in with the lubricants for the best protection for your engine.

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